Welcome to QAIB Advisor Studio

The QAIB Advisor Studio is an online, interactive hub for investor behavior related content, research and data.

Studio Benefits

Specifically designed for advisors, Studio is filled with unique and practical content that promotes client engagement, reinforces trust, and provides a voice for financial professionals to build their practice.

Communicate with Clients in the New Age

Reach current and prospective clients through modern communication channels using reliable, relatable, and easy-to-use content.

Content on Demand

Content creation is a constant challenge for financial professionals. With visual pieces such as infographics and story illustrations, Studio allows advisors to explore resources they can proactively share with clients that spark positive conversation and promote good investor behavior.

Have Industry Renowned Investor Behavior Research at your Fingertips

QAIB Advisor Studio brings together over 25 year of investor behavior research, data and tools to provide the advisor with everything to be part of the conversation.

Advisor Edition & Quarterly Returns

DALBAR’s Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior (“QAIB”) study has been a staple of behavioral finance since 1994. Now, advisors are able to stay up-to-date with the “Average Investor” returns reported quarterly on the Studio dashboard. Each subscriber receives a customizable Advisor Edition and copyrights in April of each year.

Enhance your Practice with Innovative Investor Behavior Tools

Tools are necessary for getting the data you need, not just what’s available off the shelf. Studio tools give advisors the ability to run customized data sets and infuse behavioral finance into their practice.

Right Time, Right Data

The QAIB Advisor Studio includes:

  • DALBAR’s Investor Panic Relief Tool (DALBAR i-PRT) - Illustrate outcomes using an index put hedging strategy that can act as “insurance” to fight fear with protection.
  • QAIB Return Builder - Generate Average Investor Returns based on your custom timeframes of major categories of “Average Investors”.

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